27 November

By the way, I only entered SnowRunner’s first DLC map today, and I spent the entire day there because it’s fantastic — from the northern lights to frozen rivers cracking under the weight of your truck.

26 November

It took two trucks and over an hour to bring a single crate to the map’s most remote corner, on fragile ice and through neck-deep snow, and just as I was about to reach my destination I accidentally picked “Remove cargo” instead of “Pack cargo” so I rage-uninstalled my PC.

Book’s not good but I’m inspired by the idea of turning your dream MMO spec into a shitty novel.

25 November

What the hell possessed me to spend an audio credit on Ascend Online?


The Mandalorian is now more like watching your favorite streamer show you all the side quests in a Star Wars RPG than it is a TV show with plot & character development. [twitter.com]

20 November