21 September

20 September

Someone’s very creatively and painstakingly done this near my blob and now there is social anxiety in my minesweeper 🎉

I only played AC:Valhalla for a very short time, and I wasn’t planning on liking it, but I think it really lost me when Eivor said “The guards here are vigilant.” That’s such a specific sentence that I’ve so strongly associated with Bayek, I just couldn’t take anything seriously.

19 September

The design of Astro’s Playroom is mostly excellent, with many delightful touches, but damn are the checkpoints needlessly frustrating in the larger open areas.

18 September

It’s nice that the PS5 has a guest mode that deletes everything when you log off, and doesn’t warn you that putting the console to sleep counts as logging off. No, I do not think that goes without saying.

16 September

I guess it could be worse. It could be chess openings.

15 September

Never mind, I bought the STL because some of the etchings are only a texture in the game.

I will forget my birth date before I forget about Outer Wilds.

I could buy this Nomai mask STL for five euros or I could learn enough Blender to fix the mesh I extracted from the game

First option I have a mask printed in a few days; second, my aversion for Blender makes me procrastinate until I forget about the game.


I wonder if I’m attracted to stealth games because they’re like “Avoid people. Do not be perceived” and I’m like “DONE AND DONE. Already on that wavelength.”

I managed to completely forget that I started The Artful Escape yesterday and quite enjoyed it 🤦‍♂️