Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

29 March

I did not sign up for a photorealistic tarantula when I downloaded your fucking VR escape room demo.

Always thought I’d keep the PSVR for exclusives, but I might as well sell it, for all that I want to put it on my head again.

Tracking is not flawless — ever-so-slightly floaty — but it’ll tide me over nicely until the next generation of Lighthouse headsets.

Perfectly fine in-game, of course; better GPU and tracking easily make up for it, and I haven’t even received the Touch controllers yet.

I knew PSVR had better screen but Oculus puts its worst foot forward with lots of white-on-black text. People weren’t kidding about godrays.

As a Mac person it didn’t even occur to me that the motherboard I was buying in 2016 might not include support for wireless everything.

How come Oculus Touch ships with a guitar mount for Rock Band VR, but Rock Band VR can’t use the Rift’s Bluetooth connection for the guitar?

28 March

My just-ordered Oculus Rift won’t be here until tomorrow so I have to make an actual effort not to go out and buy a Switch in frustration.

27 March

I’m still hesitating about Mysterium, which doesn’t seem right to buy on PC, but the iOS version is 1.1 GB and my iPad only has 32.

Was trying to resist the impulse to buy Tabletop Simulator on sale and happened upon the “prototyping games” section and well I own it now.

26 March

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was so damn perfect until the obnoxious boss fight and maudlin finale.

25 March

Quickly went from “Nice how you see the damage, wonder how dynamic that is” to “THE POOR THING IS HURT, STOP HURTING IT.”

Loved the sequences in Psychonauts VR that play with player/world size. Maybe that’s gonna get old someday, but for now it’s always fun.

Goddammit, I thought that ship had flown, but this week’s Crate & Crowbar is again making me consider getting Mass Effect: Andromeda.

24 March

Tearaway Unfolded is ridiculously adorable. God bless Media Molecule and their obsession with crafts.

RT @gautoz: Le dernier trailer de Rain World, gros hameçon pour gens à chats. [youtube.com] @boulapoire

RT @AldisSipolins: Fascinating to see how #UX shapes user behavior in #VR. Visualizing a ball vs. its trajectory. via @DisneyResearch https://t.co/JtbhuklUt5 https://t.co/na77mIu4Yh

An RPG à la Mass Effect that randomizes at the beginning of each playthrough which characters are gay/straight/bi.

23 March

How hard would it be to jailbreak my iPhone and hack Card Thief just so the guards’ heads turn to the direction they’re facing.

RT @KyleOrl: Cute idea for a one-touch puzzle racer [toucharcade.com]

22 March

I’m trying to rage-uninstall the game but the Bethesda launcher refuses to reopen.

I will not be defeated!

By a launcher.

Plus, of course luck was involved, because 1) it’s a card game 2) either Naarifin is intrinsically over-powered or the game’s difficulty curve is fucked.

I get that the intention is probably “prove that defeating him wasn’t just sheer luck” but the effet is more like “go fuck yourself.”

Elder Scrolls: Legends’ story mode may have just lost me, giving me the exact same damn fight against Lord Naarifin twice in a row.

RT @kshipwhitecat: David Cage: Can a robot learn to be human?

Yoko Taro: Can a human?

Cage: what

Yoko Taro: Can a human learn to be human?

Cage: I don’t get it

I hate the pressure in Elder Scrolls: Legends of deciding which type of card the story mode is more likely to give you.

21 March

Wonder if the only way to make an urban open world interesting is to start you off homeless. Stealing a car being realistically difficult.

I beat my previous streak! Should probably stop now so I have a chance to do so again in a couple of months.

20 March

RT @AldisSipolins: Peeking into virtual worlds with an #HTCvive controller. Nifty #Unity3D asset by @deprecatedcoder. #VR https://t.co/mMKhvvfZ8v https://t.co/FZ4ySBaPTi

RT @kylebrussell: Today we’re building creative tools to design VR spaces, but it’ll be much nicer when it can just look at your Pinterest profile

I guess Divinity: Original Sin is the closest to that idea? I need to buy that game and find someone to play coop with someday.

A Mass Effect game where you switch between different characters (captain, pilot, grunt, diplomat) instead of going to ridiculous lengths to shoehorn a despotic Chosen One.

18 March

Tiny chance it’s caused by the ads, but if I pay to remove them and the problem remains I will be very pissed off, so not taking the risk.

TypeShift makes my iPad burn up and empties the battery to display five columns of letters 😠

17 March

I wasn’t prepared for the Crate & Crowbar podcast making me somewhat more optimistic about Mass Effect: Andromeda 😨

16 March

Because of course it doesn’t occur to the game to automatically hide the menu when you press “Take Screenshot.”

Not particularly surprised the UI for No Man’s Sky’s photo mode is terrible, but what madperson designed the vehicle gamepad controls?!

RT @MOOMANiBE: This is really fascinating - BOTW team took a full week at major dev milestones to have everyone play the game through. https://t.co/NmDvT0ZSiB

Only played BotW for 5 min; soon as I got the axe I took it to a tree thinking, “why give me an axe, it only emphasizes that I can’t… ohhh.”

RT @timsoret: It’s precisely why Horizon feels plastic & virtual, despite its vastly superior graphics. The world doesn’t react.


It’s like half the side activities in Watch Dogs 2 are “find on which nearby street we hid the cherrypicker.”

15 March

RT @ArtbyRens: Testing content in @UnrealEngine

Scanned a large amount of terrain for a short video. [pic.twitter.com]

14 March

I don’t know if other multiplayer games have this, but every one I’ve ever played sorely needed it #readyup #READYUPALREADY #MEAndromeda

And yes it’s time for me to get a large 1440p monitor but that’d be half or more of the cost of a VR headset — and useless while in VR obv.

Are open worlds zooming out because people play on bigger and bigger screens? I’m still on a 20” and I think it’s hurting my immersion.

I loved the missions in the first Watch Dogs you could complete by just jumping from camera to camera.

I guess they weren’t very popular 😕


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