20 October

18 October

I don’t wanna drag Mass Effect 3 into this but it’s shocking how many games just accept that the player has to decide everything because they’re the player, and the writers make no effort to justify it in-world. Wild Hunt realky is a master class in RPG quest design.

All through Skellige I was wondering how they’d justify making the player choose between the siblings when a witcher must be neutral. Then I made a dialogue choice, and thirty seconds later realized I’d just made that choice and was delighted with how cleverly it was done.

17 October

It’s weird enough having an RPG tell you with whom you’re desperately in love.

But does it absolutely HAVE to be Yennefer.


As someone with no binocular version on whom the expensive component of this 3D screen would be wasted, it just makes me wonder why third-person games and 3D modeling apps don’t support TrackIR to let you shift the perspective naturally by moving around [roadtovr.com]

15 October

I love* how, every single time Geralt negotiates his fee, the quest giver goes “Well obviously you’re not gonna save people’s lives for nothing” and they literally mean it.

* I don’t love


Facebook is going to do irrepairable brand damage to itself this Christmas from the volume of kids who will be unable to use the one big gift their parents got them because of an automated account closure/locking/issue… And I couldn’t be happier.


One theory is Facebook is clamping down on account creation and verification of identity — perhaps because of the election — and there’s a bunch of Quest 2 buyers exhibiting unusual activity who just hit that filter. [uploadvr.com]

It’s wild that I started The Witcher 3 almost four years ago, played through the prologue, went to some palace to chat with the Emperor or whomever, and… never touched it again. What ever possessed me to spend money on RDR2 when I had this sitting in my Steam library.

14 October

That video reminded me of a thing Witcher 3 does that keeps surprising and amazing me: sometimes when I’m done with a part of a quest, the cutscene will just teleport me to where it wants the story to continue instead of forcing me me go there by myself, and I’m like…

This Valhalla preview makes me a lot more interested than I had been

Looks like they may well have learned from what made the worlds of Odyssey and Origins a bit tedious.

12 October

I don’t think I particularly care for Genshin Impact, but I’m a big fan of the obviously sea slug-inspired dragon design

“Sometimes miscarried fetuses turn into botchlings” and y’all are talking about The Witcher 3 like it’s a storytelling masterpiece?