19 September

“I feel like playing something before bed, but I don’t know what. Oh, maybe I could start Warframe to finally give it that second look I meant to” is a very silly thought I had half an hour ago

18 September


reminder that you bought that bundle with 1500 games in it

I’m looking at the Epic Games Store page for Football Manager 2020, free this week, and my hoarding instincts are conflicting with… everything else.

16 September

I haven’t even bothered to get God of War (2018) yet so I’m not sure there was anything Sony could do to make me excited for PS5. But if there was something, it wasn’t that.

“Play a selection of AAA PS4 games on your PS5” is not a fantastic counter to Xbox Game Pass — more like the least they could do.

Imagine spending years working on a next-generation Harry Potter game with a cool concept (experience Hogwarts centuries away from all the known stories!) only for JKR to destroy the franchise before it’s announced. Who wants to buy a game right now she’ll get royalties for?

Bookmarking Ars’ negative review of the Quest 2 for when my resolve starts wavering

Bad tracking in Beat Saber, IPD issues, small battery… and I must remind myself I’ve always intended to jettison my Facebook account if they ever demand a photo ID.

I really want out of the Oculus/Facebook ecosystem but $300 only?! 😱

I’ve wanted to play with one of these forever 🙌︎ (for motion capture, not Xbox games)


Refreshingly interesting aesthetics are not a given, and “The Invincible” by @StarwardInd certainly looks refreshingly interesting. [store.steampowered.com]

15 September

Wait a second, I’ve had an idea for a hidden-identity board game for a couple of years that I’ve been too lazy to develop — how come it never occurred to me to turn it into a video game idea I’d be too lazy to develop?!


Rec Room is one of those apps that just keeps improving in amazing ways, if you had seen it at the start and now today - barely recognizable with all the crazy content in there.

Great work by the @againstgrav team! [twitter.com]

14 September


Facebook Accounts Using Fake Names, Among Other Violations, Risk Losing Access to Oculus Content [ow.ly]

Farewell, and let’s just hope I get to play Beat Saber on an Index sometime before the Collapse

I could buy a more expensive charger but I’d already considered dismantling the custom housings since I don’t play Beat Saber anymore (and they didn’t completely solve the tracking issues anyway).

So I printed custom housings with rechargeable AAs and DC inputs for my Touch controllers. Now one is charged 100% and the other won’t turn on, and it looks like the charger I cannibalized for this refuses to charge if it doesn’t see two batteries OR if either is at 100% 😭

13 September


So I bought a domain and actually did something with it!

A gallery of 4K Executable Graphics artworks - each piece was rendered by an executable no larger than 4096 bytes.

[note: lots of large images, very data heavy]