Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

13 October

Inmost is very good (except for the end, where they gave up on making a game) but it’s really fucking dark, making it an odd choice for Apple Arcade, a service many parents will consider as a cheap baby-sitter and on which they’ll give their children free rein.

Inmost (iOS) — 8/10

I remember when I discovered Fusion 360 and fell in love with its promise. Two years later, they haven’t improved on any of the UI’s pain points and I hate it. But I need it, because it’s the only 3D modeling workflow I can wrap my head around, and I can’t afford Rhino.

12 October

Art Plunge is worth it just for Mona Lisa

Seeing her up-close in VR — and very well recreated — might be the first time I’ve understood the fascination with her eyes and smile. (I’m incapable of “entering” a painting by my own means.)

Astrologaster (iOS) — 9/10

It took me a bit too long to understand what I was doing, but I loved everything else about Astrologaster

The writing, sharp, funny, acerbic and sometimes delightfully vulgar; the visuals; the voice acting; the songs; the songs! the songs are incredible.

I’m enjoying Inmost, but of course I hate playing it on a touchscreen

I could pair a gamepad to my iPad, but then the 11” screen would be much farther away from me than I like. Yet it’d be weird buying on Steam a game I got ‘for free’ with Apple Arcade.

10 October


Ummmm Untitled Goose Game model on Thingiverse, with a magnet in the beak HELLO


The Great C (PC) — 6/10

The random jump cuts in Comfort mode are really distracting — but even the beautiful slow pans in Cinematic mode are a really bad use of VR. If you want to make a movie, make a movie.

9 October

There hasn’t been much buzz about the single-player campaign of Red Dead Redemption 2. Should I just wait until it’s finally half-price in a 2022 Steam sale if I don’t intend to spend much time in the online mode?


I just happened upon a Half-Life 2 screenshot and suddenly realized why playing with an iPhone 11’s ultra-wide camera in the store felt so trippy: with the fisheye distortion magicked away in post-processing, the phone turns reality into a first-person game.

8 October

The haptic controllers definitely sound cool

But how on earth do you decide to make a worldwide announcement for a release next year with just “it has an SSD and new controllers”?

6 October

Thought I’d be rusty after a summer away from Beat Saber but I posted high scores on most of the songs I played tonight. Never had so few tracking errors—did something change? Game logic? The Oculus framework? Or did my controllers just need a break?