15 May

14 May

Wow, the latest Grindstone update has resurrected my long-lost save. Only just a little bit late.

12 May

I need someone to come and uninstall Dragon Quest Builders 2 on my PC while I’m asleep. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had such a love-hate relationship with a game I spent entire days playing. It has so much potential for fun and creativity! But it’s so fucking needlessly frustrating!

9 May

If I start playing DQ Builders 2 in the morning I spend the whole day there. If I launch it in the evening it keeps me awake far too late. I wish I had a Switch so I could pick it up an put it down at a moment’s notice — but no way I’d want to start from scratch, so that’s moot.

8 May

No, you spent literally the entire day building a farm in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

7 May


I’m printing white boxes and my printer is somehow dropping globs of black filament all over them, like it was saving them in its beard 🤨

I wish I enjoyed Dragon Quest Builders 2 enough to justify the five uninterrupted hours I just spent playing it (and the many more I will likely add in the coming days) #XboxGamePass