10 June


Major Xbox news today: Microsoft is planning to launch Xbox Game Pass on smart TVs and on streaming devices it’s building itself, delivering games via the cloud so you won’t need anything more than a controller. [protocol.com]


It’s so funny that we’re still having this dance until you remember that the reason why we’re having this dance is that a protofascist hate group swept the industry 7 years ago, was never repudiated by any major figures, and metastasised into a movement that won the US presidency [twitter.com]

8 June

George Lucas’ biggest crime was to make an opening scrawl so stylish that people accepted it was a viable way to begin a movie (or game).

I’ve created desktop shortcuts for the 15 installed games I want to play next, and I keep avoiding the ones I think I’ll enjoy most because I’m afraid I won’t be able to turn away from them and work anytime soon. This is no way to live 😩

(Also I’m not working anyway.)

5 June

Perfect! I’ve got every Grindstone achievement except for the one you get for getting all the achievements 🙌