27 July

Did Microsoft “forget” to include Minecraft in the PC Game Pass? What am I supposed to do to check out RTX worlds, buy the game?! ☹️

Pretty nice of Watch Dogs: Legion to spawn me in a rainy night as I check out RTX visuals for the very first time. I still can’t conceive that live raytracing is something that’s available now.

26 July


‘Cellulose nitrate was used to make dice from the late 1860s until the middle of the C20th, and the material remains stable for decades. Then, in a flash, they can dramatically decompose’

From Dice: Deception, Fate & Rotten Luck by Ricky Jay and Rosamond Purcell, 2002.

My GPU wasn’t working right so I got a new power supply instead of first getting a friend to test it on their PC.

Now I have a new GPU and a new power supply I need to get a friend to try on their PC.



Beat Saber community age distribution at this moment. This makes me feel old wtf.

24 July

Are you fucking kidding me that there’s no keyboard shortcut at boot to start Windows 10 in safe mode after you’ve borked the GPU drivers?

It’s too hot right now to play PC games, and I’m hoping to be away for August, so I could have waited for prices to possibly go down a bit more, but… I panicked.

Oops. I knew getting a 4K TV meant I’d soon want to upgrade my GPU, but I thought I’d hold out longer.

Okay, no. I was 100% counting on the shortages, and the shortages let me down. There were a bunch of 3070 Tis all over the French online stores, so…