27 November

26 November

There are many things I hate about the UX of my LG TV, but the fact that they managed to fuck up “game mode” takes the cake. Why the hell is gray-on-white text blown out all of a sudden? Why isn’t there an option somewhere to display the video signal just as you receive it?!

I suspect that many players will hit a difficulty wall in the level that plays with orbital mechanics, though. (It has to have been inspired by Outer Wilds, right?) But in the end it was my favorite part.

25 November

I know they’re just reusing existing weather tech and why wouldn’t they include it, but it feels weird to have winters (and snow tires and so on) in Forza Horizon 5 just to sprinkle a little bit of snow on two tiny areas of the map.

23 November

I was gonna compliment the “Xbox Museum” for being a nice implementation of interactive 3D on the web (because I miss the web being interesting or creative at all) but the experience is glitchy af on Firefox, so… yeah, par for the course I guess.

The new Lego Star Wars game on Apple Arcade doesn’t seem particularly interesting but it looks so darn cute on my little iPad 😍

If only there were more actual games on this platform.

21 November


I can’t think of a single thing in the actual design of the game that I like. Every cutscene is terrible (and there are more of them than ever before), the menu system is a huge pain in the ass, the actual progression structure is quite confusing and poorly explained, which is nothing compared to the seasonal campaign. But this is still the game in which I have most fun driving, because it has such a good technical base and physics model (and car roster) thanks to the main Forza series.

I wish it were still designed around driving and cars and skills instead of a casino that keeps spinning slot machines and congratulating and encouraging you… but, judging from this iteration’s success, I’m clearly on the losing side of this argument.

Is it customary for in-game auction houses to make you manually go back to each bid you lost and claim your money back, or is that just another way in which Forza Horizon’s UX design is hopelessly busted?

19 November

Because heaven fucking forbid I spend all of <check notes> TWO MINUTES! driving a 600bhp Maserati SUV. Oh and drivatar opponents have started reversing at the starting line, that definitely entices me to start racing online.