3 March


I bought a string of addressable fairy lights on aliexpress and didn’t know it would come with its own controller and now I have to decide if I take the risk of cutting it off to put on my own and I don’t like to make decisions 😒

1 March

28 February

Wait why does Hardspace: Shipbreaker have a Microsoft Azure logo at launch? 😳


“What if there’s a better shot just one time/weather combo away?”, the man asked himself, not realising he already captured the best version hours ago.



All these Witcher 3 shots are from the exact same spot.

Good environment controls can be a blessing and a curse.


27 February

I’ve played Fortnite all of ten minutes ever and I’m still gonna have to make a deliberate effort to stop myself from reinstalling it to buy the xenomorph skin.

26 February


H.R. Giger would be proud #Aliens #Fortnite #XboxShare


Hasbro is breaking out Wizards of the Coast earnings for the first time and it is WILD ya’ll. “From the outside, Hasbro looks like a toy company, but with these numbers, it’s revealed to be a geek game company with toy and entertainment divisions.” [icv2.com]

25 February

23 February


I never anticipated buying a 3D printer (or two) would make me pine for a true workshop full of woodworking power tools. YouTube DIY channels contributed, but it’s just addictive to be able to turn ideas into objects, and you can’t build an armchair with an Ender 3.