Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

24 February

The bayou is absolutely gorgeous and Saint-Denis is… fucking decadent. I think I’ll retire in one of those abandoned shacks and become a trapper, as soon as I can make arrows good enough to kill a gator.

23 February

It could be worse — it could be GTA V — but how am I supposed to enjoy my Wild West escapist fantasy when I despise the protagonist and most of his friends? Do I just abandon the camp and never talk to a human being again?

22 February

Before posting that tweet I went to the game’s help screen to check if I could indeed block or dodge during melee combat, then I had to google it anyway because oh my fucking god how dare you call this a help screen.

I was supposed to meet the reverend at the station and bring him back; I failed at every checkpoint. Once I walked in the wrong direction. Twice because I’ve only been taught to punch yet, not block. Once I thought I’d get my horse but the mission wanted me to run. Once a QTE.

I must have mixed up the discourse about Red Dead Redemption 2 with another game, because I foolishly expected the mission design to have gotten better than this.

Dying Light seems pretty good but I now have a migraine 😔 Fuck my dumb brain.

21 February


Watch the video. Multiple people are in the #UE4 editor together (because the editor is multiplayer now) while moving set pieces around the actors with dynamic lighting. This is so damn cool. [twitter.com]

20 February

18 February


Mod support was announced with in-game client support using the Mods.io ecosystem :)