Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

8 December

7 December

I keep trying to play Call of Cthulhu, but I already hated the lead actor in Vampyr, and that game had the benefit of much better-written dialogue.

6 December


WOW WOW okay this is freaking huge. Why? Because Adobe owns @Substance3D too, which is working on a #VR texturing interface. Since @Adobe loves having their apps mingle together and pass files, this will without a doubt open the doors to a industry grade, all in VR workflow 🥳 [twitter.com]

I forgot how excruciatingly boring Words with Friends becomes when you start playing strategically.

5 December


This person is making atmospheric videos of the train stations in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and I am extremely into it. This is the kind of niche videogame content I live for. [youtube.com]

2 December

I randomly reinstalled Word with Friends and oh my god that UX is so fucking obnoxious — even without considering the ads. How do they derive profit from making me tap through two dozen reward screens before letting me get back to my games?