Beware the Frog


2 July

Oh, Far Cry 5 on Game Pass. I don’t have it in me to shoot guns these days… but it has bows, doesn’t it.

1 July

30 June

Maybe they thought it’d make a great demo for their Unreal-to-HTML pipeline but you better believe that on a Retina screen it is very much not that — besides the horrible load times.

I kept forgetting to try MetaHuman now that it’s public and… are you kidding me, it’s a webapp?? A webapp that takes entire minutes to load? YOU’RE THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE GAME ENGINE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

27 June

Citizen Sleeper (PC) — 8/10

I was quite put off initially by the narrator’s voice (trying too much to be like Disco Elysium without the same flair) but loved everything else — the world, the stories, the mechanics, even if they were a little awkward at first. I do wish there weren’t achievements for the narratives endings, because they really cheapen what could be interesting player choices.

Huh, PC Gamer doesn’t have an RSS feed anymore, and Feedly’s option to create it from the webpage requires a subscription upgrade. Oh well, guess I’ll go on not immediately knowing what’s up with games 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s actually quite relaxing.

26 June

Before Your Eyes (PC) — 6/10

The ending got me, so I can’t be overly negative about the game, but it was a bit of a slog to get there. And if you’re gonna make a game that requires me to keep focused on the screen for almost two hours, you ought to make it a lot more enjoyable to watch than this. (Props for animating the cat so well, though.)

On a technical level, it suffered from the fact that I was playing on a crappy webcam with my PC (which is inevitably gonna be the experience of a majority of players) so it occasionally missed blinks, and immersion suffered. But this kind of experiment is going to become extremely interesting when we get VR headsets with eye tracking.

25 June

My totally realistic idea of the day is to make a game — solo of course — at the intersection of Outer Wilds and a Culture novel. Bear in mind, I could easily make it work as a mostly text-based adventure, but the problem is I enjoy flying spaceships around planets.