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21 October

19 October

Vampyr (PC) — 6/10

There are good ideas in there, a good effort on dialogue and character development, and the combat isn’t even bad, but the game somehow manages to be less than its parts, mostly because of the repetitive combat encounters, and also that final act.

So much nostalgia in this let’s play

It’s odd that I know I reached the tree (must have had a guide?) but I can’t remember most of the rooms and puzzles.

18 October

I really need Grindstone to add an endless random mode and/or a daily score attack, because trying to go through the innkeeper challenges after 100%ing the levels is too much of a chore to be enjoyable.

16 October


This move should turn straight Pokémon gay. Cowards. [twitter.com]


both Gear VR and Daydream got the axe this year.

I think it’s safe to say that the idea of phone-based VR is dead and gone


15 October


Discontinuing Daydream while asking people to believe that Stadia is going to be a long-term thing is a bold play, but let’s see if it works out for ‘em.

Ooooh Beat Saber has achievements now.

Getting the expert achievements doesn’t give you the lower-difficulty ones 😒


Wow, Outer Worlds is looking REALLY solid. The Fallout game we’ve all been waiting for.

The First 20 Minutes of The Outer Worlds - IGN First

[youtu.be] via @YouTube

Crow: The Legend has gorgeous visuals, great animation, good voice acting and it’s a sweet story to boot

But there are no graphics settings that I could see and immersion suffered from my 1070 skipping a lot of frames during heavily animated scenes.

13 October

Inmost is very good (except for the end, where they gave up on making a game) but it’s really fucking dark, making it an odd choice for Apple Arcade, a service many parents will consider as a cheap baby-sitter and on which they’ll give their children free rein.

Inmost (iOS) — 8/10

I remember when I discovered Fusion 360 and fell in love with its promise. Two years later, they haven’t improved on any of the UI’s pain points and I hate it. But I need it, because it’s the only 3D modeling workflow I can wrap my head around, and I can’t afford Rhino.