30 May

Dropped my bow to fend off a home invasion and it seems to have despawned 😒

I thought I wasn’t gonna do much of Far Cry 5’s free weekend — not a great time for running around America with a machine gun — but I immediately got a compound bow and the good doggo companion.

Besides, shooting down hordes of bearded white assholes doesn’t feel so bad at all.

28 May

Last time I checked out Star Citizen it had a tutorial (but I didn’t have a gaming PC at the time, so it was unplayable). Now it appears to be gone. I found a ship, sat in the pilot’s seat and had no idea what to do next. I’m done.

Fifty minutes into the Big Spaceship Game and I haven’t figured out how to get to a spaceship. But hey I got to take a subway and walk the tundra that surrounds the city I spawned in, because that’s the dream.

I’m checking out Star Citizen’s free week and the avatar editor is 1) fucking decadent 😲 and 2) an original UX take — there’s a handful of predefined heads and you blend between them for each zone separately. I’m curious whether most people find that accessible. (I do.)

The pet videos did not tell me that, when you leave your parrot alone, it whistles for your attention.

A lot.


27 May

Well how could I not buy a Sea of Thieves parrot when it’s ON SALE.

Not that it allowed me to purchase a smaller virtual coin pack, of course.

26 May

Parking like a pro. (Not my ship livery, sadly.)

I hate to criticize Sea of Thieves’ economy because they’ve shown commendable restraint, but I really find it unreasonable to charge $5 per pet livery when buying every basic animal — each different 3D model — would already cost $45 without counting skeleton and other variants.

The only reason I haven’t spent real money [yet] to buy a parrot in Sea of Thieves is choice paralysis. It seems absurd that you can’t change a pet’s colors after purchase — and it’s an icky reminder that their business model must rely on whales buying all the pets.


This article about the irritating comments that Skyrim Grandma gets on her videos is so real. Gamers are the absolute /worst/ about providing “help” or shaming people for committing a war crime like using a controller or using cheats in single-player. [kotaku.com]


HOT TIP: How to create NPC faces for your #ttrpg

1. Generate a face on [thispersondoesnotexist.com]

2. Run it through [portraitai.com]

3. Profit

Oh my god the shanties have official lyrics why don’t they have a karaoke mode thank god they don’t have a karaoke mode but still why don’t they have a karaoke mode.

25 May

Found an island with a ruined camp and a lovely framed painting that’s basically a selfie of a pirate and his son. So you see, Rare, it would make sense to have a photo/painting mode in the game! That should be much lower-hanging fruit than programming synchronized shanties.


Alright, so here’s the final version of my scene inspired by the jump sequence from the UE5 tech demo. Detail level is far from what Epic achieved, but I still think it’s super impressive that stuff like this is possible on a PS4!

HQ: [youtu.be]

#madeindreams #UE5

Bullying a friend into getting the Xbox Game Pass for PC resulted in ten minutes of “It’s more expensive here!” vs. “You’re not looking at the right Game Pass!” Because Microsoft.

24 May

The (losing) end of a Civilization game is so sudden and anti-climactic, how does anyone ever want to start another again?


Every day that passes where it looks like Facebook is growing in its dominance of VR relative to other options is one where my interest in VR as a medium diminishes.

I must have started this first game of Civilization VI around 10pm, I think. I have no idea what I’m doing but hey I haven’t lost yet and also it’s 5am please kill me now.

23 May

Also it’s like Rare’s dialogue writers were having a contest over how many times they can make me click “Next” without saying anything of the slightest substance and if you really wanted me to never speak to the NPCs again you could just as well not have included dialogue.

Sea of Thieves is by no means the worst offender (I wouldn’t play it if it had bad UX) but I hate how much online game design has come to rely on “We’ll explain how this bit works in a feature video” and “Someone will take the time to figure it out and write it up on the wiki.”

It’s funny and unexpected how much I enjoy Sea of Thieves in the same way and for the same reason I enjoy Snowrunner: I just want to be the pilot for any crew, in any game with somewhat realistic physics (i.e., intertia).