Beware The Frog

26 nov. 2022


Programming is chaotic magic. There are no rules. You ask a game dev “Can the player summon a giant demon that bursts from the ground in an explosion of lava?” and they’ll say “sure, that’s easy” and then you’ll ask “can the player wear a scarf?” and they’ll go “oof”

25 nov. 2022

Rethinking about Pentiment and how rare it is that a game has consequential time jumps. Showing you the long-term results of your choices is such a great way to make them matter. Even in a completely linear game, just seeing people get older, and exploring the ways the world changed, does wonders to deepen your connection to the world.

And, sure, you need to update your character models and move some stuff around in the landscape. But, on the other hand, that’ll always be a lot cheaper than creating whole new locations and characters for the second or third act of your game.

Turns out you don’t need to create a trilogy spanning an entire decade to get your players involved in the story. Making a single game span twenty-five years is good enough. (Having stellar writing helps, too.)

24 nov. 2022

The RSS feeds have been rocky as I was reactivating the blogs and moving stuff around, but I promise it’s all stabilizing now.

Just Pikachu playing Spintires

23 nov. 2022

When a video makes you reinstall SnowRunner 🤩 (Do watch until the drone shots begin, two minutes in.)

Bonus: here’s how the self-steering trailer works.

Scania R540 - LoggingTruck - Timbertruck - Mause Holz-Transporte - Action - Part 2

Part-2 *DroneView*H ier ist der zweite Teil eines wirklich schön individuell aufgebauten Scania´s. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Scania R540 - Langholzaufb...


Part of the reason why VR demos so well and then retention doesn’t seem to correlate is because when someone gives a demo, the host is dealing with all the friction (handing controllers, fitting headset, launching apps, explaining the interface) so the guest doesn’t have to.

Midjourney v4 now has (limited) aspect ratios and look at these tarot cards 😍

All of gamedev twitter suddenly and inexplicably signed up for Hive Social this week — a completely unproven social network with oddly mysterious creators and funding, and no web or desktop version — and isn’t this and amazing bit of forward-thinking design:

Edit: According to Hive’s Twitter account this happened because of a server crash.

22 nov. 2022


Take a look at this Optimus Prime from the Bumblebee movie created by 3D Artist German Rasskazov using Cinema 4D, Substance 3D Painter, and Redshift.

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Optimus Prime from Bumblebee Made in Cinema 4D & Substance 3D Painter

The model is created by German Rasskazov.