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15 August 2014

A new gameplay video for Far Cry 4 shows you “fighting alongside a mythical white tiger in the spiritual world of Shangri-La” so… I think the meme would say “your argument is invalid.”

It’s still not going to be a preorder for me, though, because I’m terribly worried about the writing, what with the narrative director shitting on the previous game’s story only to introduce an effete-but-totally-heterosexual sociopathic villain ripped right out of 1970s cinema. But I’ll have my Amazon order ready as soon as the reviews come out.

By the way, Far Cry 3’s writer, Jeffrey Yohalem, is interviewed in this month’s Gay Times (to promote Child of Light). There isn’t much of note in the article; I’m just always happy to verify that my gaydar is properly calibrated. Also, I found out he’s responsible for the… uh, affective tension? between Ezio and Da Vinci, which makes me like him even more.