Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

1 July


The Fourier series video out!

In this animation, each vector rotates at a constant integer frequency. They’re added together, tip to tail. The only control you have is the starting position of each, and from that alone, they’ll draw almost anything.


2 July

I’m watching Detroit: Become Human on YouTube (since it’s coming to PSN+ anyway) and for a studio so obsessed with performance capture it’s amazing how horribly their tech fails on anyone who isn’t a doll-faced thirty-year-old.

Ninety minutes in, Detroit doesn’t seem nearly as bad as Cage’s previous two games and I think I might want to play it 😱

And, who knows, playing a branching narrative could motivate me to get back to my interactive fiction project(s).

3 July

KIDS (PC) — 7/10

4 July

Eastshade is lovely but making me wait for an astral conjunction to progress was a really cruel way to remind me that it is not Outer Wilds because I have finished Outer Wilds and nothing will ever be Outer Wilds again.

5 July

I had only ever played Lumines on Xbox 360 and that version did not prepare my brain for the onslaught from Lumines Remastered’s visuals. I still love this game, even though my teeth hurt from clenching.

6 July

The buzz I’ve seen on Eastshade was mostly “a walking simulator with painting” but that doesn’t do it justice at all. They clearly set out to do an indie-sized Elder Scrolls-without-combat and I think they very much achieve that. Lovely world with unexpectedly well-written quests and dialogue.

The voice acting is pretty much the only part that’s hit-and-miss, but that’s just video games for you.

7 July

Eastshade (PC) — 9/10

10 July

I started playing Torn and closed it in horror after two minutes. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to record an inner monologue for a first-person VR experience? That stuff’s already immersion-breaking enough in flat-screen games — it’s outright sabotage in VR.

Meanwhile, the free The Scream experience has some very successfully creepy moments (that don’t really seem to have that much to do with the painting, but does it matter?).

I also got Fujii and Garden of the Sea during the Steam sale even though I didn’t think they were for me, and—well, I was right, but I won’t blame them for that.

Holy shit Thrill of the Fight is intense and I think I might be into boxing now.

A single Thrill of the Fight game and I now understand why they already made such a big deal of Rocky Balboa being too old to fight in 1985, even though he was obviously fit as hell. Reflexes, man 👴🏻

I thought the Switch Lite would still have video-out, but that was silly — of course they need a reason for the $300 model to keep existing. Not that I intended to ever plug it into my TV when I buy one.


Sudden realization while discussing the Nintendo Switch Lite: what if an Ive-less Apple suddenly found itself capable of creating an iPod dedicated to games? As in, with first-party detachable — or even, gasp, integrated! — buttons and sticks?

If Ubisoft finally releases a VR version of Origins’ exploration mode and it’s an Oculus exclusive I will…!

I will…!

I will have to keep my Rift around even after I get a Valve Index 😖

Spent the whole day getting SteamVR overlay code to work only to find that inherent limitations seem to prevent what I want to do on several levels (virtual flickering 3D glasses to kickstart a lazy eye).

11 July

A Viva Piñata GO would be so good.

Also a Viva Piñata VR would be so good.

I think my favorite part of Steam Labs is actually the “automatic show.” I’d love to be able to view my personalized Steam Store home page in the four-way split-screen format at the beginning of the video. (On-demand, when I feel like it, not as a permanent replacement.)

12 July

Now that I’ve got enough space in my living-room I finally got around to try Wreckfest with a steering wheel. Force feedback seems pretty good; shame that the cockpit and hood views are almost useless for the lack of rear-view mirrors.

On the other hand I didn’t expect Mudrunner would be much better with a steering wheel, but exploring a hilltop in an F150 with each bump coming through force feedback feels amazing.

13 July

Lately the Pokemon Go gym accessible from my couch is never the right color and that’s sucking 80% of the fun out. What a crazy way to design a game.

15 July

I basically spent the week playing Mudrunner instead of getting any work done so yeah everything’s going just great yup 💯

16 July

I’d forgotten Tetris Effect had a VR mode. Now I want a VR version of Lumines.

18 July


I am so, so into this.

““Peace Island” will be […] a non-violent interactive story which will focus on discovery, atmosphere, and exploration, rather than combat.”

Play as any of 9 cats to find out why your humans disappeared. #PeaceIsland


19 July

[Detroit spoilers] Well I must say that is not quite what I was going for. And the game didn’t adjust much, if at all, afterwards so that the end of that sequence and the next felt just a little off, considering 😬

21 July


Haven’t posted a screencap in a while. The latest update is the timing of the saber switching off after being tossed. I think it improves the tossing mechanic and could lead to more interesting gameplay ideas.

#unity3d #gamedev #indiegame #indiedev #htcvive #virtualreality

24 July

I’m checking out Thatgamecompany’s Sky on my iPhone (7 Plus) and playing on a 5.5” screen is just disheartening. I can’t possibly buy a Switch Lite.

25 July

Do I buy Tetris Effect just because it’s in VR even though I didn’t like the PS4 demo, nor the area X in Rez Infinite 🤔

26 July

I had never been all that impressed with Reigns but the buzz was right and I should have trusted it (and Leigh Alexander) sooner: “Her Majesty” is really good.


this is a shader and the gfx do not have polygons, the curves are infinitely smooth at any zoom

prediction: game art in the future will not have polies, it won’t be built out of triangles at all [twitter.com]

28 July

Hadn’t played Dirt Rally VR in ages, completely lost whatever limited tolerance I’d built to being violently shaken around, and now I want to die.

Does Google Sheets really not have a ready-made function for rolling dice? Wouldn’t that be a really convenient way to make an interactive RPG character sheet?

31 July

Five minutes into Heaven’s Vault and I’m hating every single design and writing choice even more than I expected to, but… what the fuck are you supposed to do with this?!

As was foretold by the ancient reviews, deciphering the language is pretty much the only part of Heaven’s Vault that’s really enjoyable, but I can’t find a way to jump to the previous inscriptions in which I encountered a problematic word, and that’s extremely frustrating.

Why would you prevent me, without any narrative reason whatsoever, from going back to a location now that I think I know what I should have brought to it / taken from it. It’s like you want me to hate you.


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