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2 December 2017

Turns out bosses do not stay dead in Dead Cells. So I guess I’m done with Dead Cells.

Played a couple minutes of Edge of Nowhere until 🤢 and it’s always funny how different a VR game’s perspective can be to what you expected from the videos.

We can disagree on how much time the devs should have spent on comfort options (there are none) but I don’t think it’s acceptable for a third-person game in VR to let the camera jump up when the character steps on a fucking pebble.

4 December


Hands On: ‘4D Toys’ is a Mind-Bending, Unique VR Puzzler @marctenbosch [ow.ly]

5 December

7 December

I visited San Francisco 📸 then broke Walmart’s truck 🙊

When I heard “Reigns, but with the queen” I assumed ‘Elizabeth I,’ not ‘the king’s wife.’ Definitely has potential to be more interesting — but I wish they’d done away with the Tinder UI.


Holy shit. [youtube.com] via @LillyD_LWS

8 December

Euro Truck is making me think about the logistics of every single package I’ve ever received and it’s so weird, really. (I do not usually mail-order bulldozers.)

In the Valley of Gods looks 😍

I love this setting and, if anyone can convey the sense of wonder it should inspire, it’s definitely Campo Santo.


Here’s what I think is happening with @Patreon - this year they raised $60m in Series C venture funds at a valuation of $450 million (after raising $30m last year and more than doubling the company’s size - almost always a mistake). Yet they make about $8 million per year. 1/10


Most sane company valuations are 10x-20x revenue, with 20x being a high-end for desirable acquihires by Google/etc. Under that math, Patreon should be worth $80-$160 million. Yet they raised at $450m. 56x revenue! This means they’re under intense pressure to increase $$$. 2/10


Nothing better than christmas chocolates to explain #UVmapping to your kids #CGI #3D #material #texture

9 December

I got Hue for free with PSN+ a while back and it’s got great puzzle design

I particularly like the balance between levels where you can take your time and the few that rely more on reflexes.

Venice isn’t quite all they say it is

OMG Monster Hunter World has customizable kitties (look at the bottom two devils)

After fifteen minutes with the beta, I’m not sure what Monster Hunter is supposed to be but I’m just gonna go ahead and assume it isn’t for me.

I’ll reconsider when Monster Hunter has a photo safari mode. I don’t even understand how they can spend so much time designing and animating all those creatures and not want to offer more peaceful interactions.

10 December


「空想ジオラマ」の技術的な話、 #ViveTracker でトラッキングしてるのはいつも通りで、初めは背景真っ白だけど手に取ると車の周りのTerrainに色を付けていく処理が毎フレーム入ってるので、処理が重くなってしまうのだけど、なんとかできないだろうか。

Godot 3 sounds too good to be true

I haven’t looked at the API yet but I really like the fundamental design choices shown here.

“I’ll play Archangel real quick so I don’t miss out on the free weekend, then I’ll work” was a bad idea. I quit in a hurry as soon as it started moving but I still have a headache.

Seeing the mech’s head and hands mirror my movements during the tutorial was pretty cool, though.

Did I miss something or is there still, 36 hours before release, zero official word on mod support in Fallout VR?

11 December

12 December


Shadow of the Colossus (2005)

13 December

15 December


A peek at another painting made inside Fallout 4 VR using OVRdrop and Autodesk Sketchbook. I had to kill a yao guai to get here.


In Super Mario Odyssey, various sound effects dynamically harmonize with whatever background music’s playing. NEAT [youtube.com]

Not sure the Trico experience was worth the trouble of plugging PSVR back in. Token interactivity, gamepad controls, predictably pixelated visuals, and it lasts five minutes.

But I’d forgotten quite how much better that screen is. Shame it’s wasted on the PS4.

16 December

19 December


Pretty tired of the “haha doing UI is awful” or “haha I hate UI” joke especially during conference talks.

For the love of player experience, hire someone who loves/knows what they’re doing. Your game will be better for it.

20 December

Clonk! This thing is a damn pain in the ass.

21 December

Gorogoa makes me feel like I’m stuck in one of those French animated movies that fascinated and terrified me as a kid. But in a good way.

22 December

I put it off for a long time, but finally bought my own tractor. Look at my new buddy!

I just love the realism in this game 🙌

The Last Jedi discussions are giving me flashbacks to Mass Effect 3. I’m on the same side of the debate, for eerily similar reasons. Interestingly, once again, the other side is wrong.

25 December

The beginning of Assassin’s Creed: Origins is making me wonder if I accidentally pressed a “skip everything you can” button. There’s “in medias res” and then there’s “WTF has been happening for the last ten minutes?”

On the flip side I found the shortcut to photo mode after five minutes and now there isn’t a single line of exposition I haven’t interrupted to take a picture.

26 December

Love the internal emails explaining away the bullshit Animus machine from the movie. It’s always nice to know that someone cared.

It’s been a while since Assassin’s Creed has been in a position to pull off something like the Alexandria reveal, hasn’t it? 😲

I just want these environments to be available in VR someday.

27 December

This is the best graphics settings menu I’ve ever seem. Each option has a thumbnail that changes with the selected value.

All of Bayek’s lines are run through a filter when he wears this mask 💜

28 December

Allies go down instead of dying in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Imagine that.

If Assassin’s Creed were moddable I would spend the rest of my life in the Nile Delta.


The publisher knew who Yiannopoulos was when they gave him a $255,000 advance. The editor’s brutal comments are somewhat entertaining, but none of this should distract from the fact that they sought to make his bigotry both digestible and marketable. [trib.al]

29 December

Finally went back to Thumper and managed to pass the asshole at 4-11 (I never want to play it again, which is a shame because I enjoyed the following sub-levels a lot). Was not prepared for the heart-attack-inducing entirety of level 5 😵


Meanwhile at the intersection of toxic gamer culture and unaccountable police violence [twitter.com]

30 December

Finally checked out TheWaveVR’s reruns and there are some new effects and toys I absolutely love. (Mostly the ‘Aktual’ show.)

Still torn between using them as inspiration to make my own VR music visualizer… or just giving up because why bother.


Interesting breakdown of the subtitling best-practices videogames usually ignore, and why they matter: [md-subs.com]

31 December

Just because Tilt Brush does it, I assumed it would be trivial to capture system audio in Unity.

Ha. Ha. Ha.


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