Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

1 June 2017

I never got into Papers, Please but really enjoy both the writing and gameplay of Beholder. It’s a shame the save system is user-hostile.

I wanna give Lego Worlds’ creative mode a shot but I can’t make any sense of the UI

3 June

Bloodborne is literally the only game that makes me persevere for days trying to open the very door in front of which I keep respawning.

Of course that also means I have an irrepressible urge to tweet that HEY EVERYONE I OPENED A DOOR TONIGHT.

4 June

I should work but I’m spending the weekend with a gorgeous 55” TV so how could I not play Bloodborne, sitting cross-legged a few feet away.

5 June

Level 51 is as good a time as any to find out that Bloodborne takes blood vials from your storage when you respawn.

7 June

8 June

I keep forgetting to try and play with that thing.

Except I hate flowcharts and mind-maps and my system’s structure is much more inspired by Inkle’s format.

10 June


It would be pretty cool if it assigned you with a random other player. Actual prisoner dilemma stuff.

Watching a PUBG stream and damn I wish I had FPS friends to team up with. (I’ll probably end up playing it solo but it’s just not the same.)

11 June

Oh, of course killing the boss in Old Yharnam opened a door in Cathedral Ward. God I hate how willfully obtuse Bloodborne is.

I’m addicted to the NYT crossword and there’s 20 years’ worth of archives in the app so I should be productive again around 2022.

Forza’s drab tracks haven’t been a good showcase of a new console’s visuals for two generations.

That was basically a cutscene but I can’t wait to see what the new Metro looks like on my PC.


Have to admit: I was hoping a year off would give us something less recognizably Assassin’s Creed.


Kudos on the setting change but so far this looks like the same tired-ass game I’ve played a dozen times.

12 June


In Destiny, see, you’re a Guardian with a jet bike! In Anthem, you’re a FREELANCER with a jetpack. You see, right? https://t.co/KOqOSUGwuC


Anthem is the promise of Destiny. The question will be can a shooter company make a better RPG or can an RPG company make a better shooter?

Why is Bioware making EA’s Destiny competitor and who is gonna make proper Bioware RPGs now? 😰

TIL that you can play Black Desert Online on PC with a gamepad. I should give it a… oh, it’s not F2P in Europe? Never mind then.


That might have been a bit presumptuous. I hope it’s EA’s Destiny, and not EA’s The Division.

How expensive is an E3 conference that no one was able to tell the sponsor he should maybe cut a few minutes from his speech?

What is up with Ubisoft’s developers having human-like feelings? It’s weird.

There are many opportunities for The Crew 2 to be terrible (starting with their track record) but I’m intrigued.

And it looks gorgeous.

I’ll never understand why people are so fascinated with pirates. Boats are boring?

Skull and Bones has a crazy level of visual polish for a game that’s basically the same thing as Windward.




That’s the best Ubisoft press conference in quite some time. Very human.

13 June

I hope the Shadow of the Colossus remake plays better than The Last Guardian.


Spider-Man looks spectacular, but I hope it’s less linear than this demo suggests.


David Cage needs to read a science fiction novel, at least once in his life. [pic.twitter.com]

Mario Odyssey definitely looks much better than the shitty-real-world visuals they showed for the initial announcement.

14 June


OK, David Cage décime des arbres par douzaine, mais au moins il recycle ses discours marketing #OVER2000!! https://t.co/L1m6Bmc00a

15 June

My NYT crossword streak is back down to four days and I never realized I’d missed one 😔

16 June

17 June


Hey, person who bothered to put physics on this coffee, you did good #PS4share

[store.playstation.com] https://t.co/565xUjpIjV

19 June

With this heat there’s no way I’m turning on the PC — never mind a VR headset — so I guess I’ll focus on interactive fiction for the summer.

21 June


Whatever you reward, some players will feel forced to do it. The tiny XP payout for hacking in Deus Ex 3 killed the game for this person. https://t.co/7EP0kAUAFD


I remember the mix of delight and horror when I found a Praxis Kit in a drawer. A Praxis Kit! But now I have to check EVERY. DRAWER.

22 June

“Beyond Good and Evil 2: First In-Engine Demo”

Tech’s impressive but what I love most is the giant statue’s texture.

23 June


I have a lot of admiration for how Ancel is immediately excited about this big game about delivering pizza

24 June

The Preposterous Awesomeness of Everything (PC) — 7/10

Four Last Things (PC) — 8/10


lol this horse mod for Spintires, the game where you navigate trucks over crazily muddy terrain [pic.twitter.com]

I have to send out an invoice before month’s end so I can pay my rent. But my empty bank account is all that saved me from this Steam sale 😱

25 June


Dino Frontier dino riding #screenshotsaturday #PSVR coming soon [pic.twitter.com]

Shadow Warrior comes with a special version of Viscera Cleanup Detail :D

26 June


IF you accept that it’s likely we’re all living in a simulation then you also have to accept you’re probably living above a painting goblin https://t.co/pyvsn8OUGt

Just reached Byrgenwerth and judging by the new enemy design I’m getting close to the point where I can’t play this game anymore 🕷

Died with over 30k blood echoes at the second stage of the Moonside Lake. No way to find them again.

I’m not sure if getting drunk right now would happily destroy my short-term memory of Rom and her friends or just make the nightmares worse.

27 June

Pages and pages of hints about defeating Bloodborne’s Rom before learning the key was to lower my Insight so I could survive her attacks.

28 June

I guess I win at spending money 🎉

I wish Steam’s discovery queue had an “Already Owned” button. Clicking “Not Interested” on a game I own and like feels very wrong.

Why did I buy Dark Souls III when I’m still only halfway through the love-hate relationship that is my first Bloodborne playthrough 😩 #whycantigiveup

Crash Time III is kind of terrible but the driving physics are surprisingly decent

29 June

Stories Untold (PC) — 8/10

I feel like “grip” should explicitly be “contract” instead. MY TAIL SHOULD NOT FALL WHILE I’M COILED AROUND BAMBOO.


And here is another @tiltbrush creation by Tobias Wustefeild. Honestly the #VR recently has been mind blowing. https://t.co/fOpLKn3tI5

Stories Untold’s free first chapter didn’t prepare me for how clever that game is. The meta-ness isn’t just for show.

I rarely replay games for achievements, but going through chapters 1 and 2 again made me appreciate how neatly it all ties together.

Thank heaven — or the game’s designers, as it’s probably intentional — I didn’t need to replay chapter 3.

30 June

The Dream Machine (PC) — 8/10

The Dream Machine is at the top of my “Thank you, Steam sale!” list. Visuals, writing, puzzle design, a masterpiece from beginning to end.

A complex review simmers in your mind. As you try to reduce it to a few tweets, it turns to mush and you end up with nothing but a 👍 or 👎

Futurama: World of Tomorrow’s short cartoon opener gave me a sad that can only be cured by deleting that “game” and rewatching seasons 1–3.

Wait no that’s a terrible plan I’ll be even sadder afterwards.


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