Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

2 December 2016

Mass Effect: Andromeda is so pretty

How I wish I could have positive expectations about the writing.

3 December

I also need to play on PC where driving games don’t render in 480p.

To celebrate TGA nominations Dishonored is finally 40€ on Steam — meanwhile Eve Valkyrie, included in the list, remains at 60€ 😂

I love how recruitment in No Man’s Sky simply decides to ignore the old “learn alien languages one word at a time” mechanic ¯\(ツ)

I thought No Man’s Sky would be a good podcast game but it might be a bad fit — it’s more zen meditation than mindless distraction.

I’m fascinated by the Glixel podcast. They’ve got individual mics and a “producer” and still manage to make the worst audio in the world.

The idea of the three biggest species each putting all their eggs in one basket rather than cryosleeping together is so depressingly 2016.

Thought I’d set a network share on my Steam screenshots directory so I’d post them from my Mac while playing but no of course it’s a mess.

Turns out Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a standalone game so now I’m tempted to buy it just because Claudia Black.

4 December

Could you make a permadeath shooter where you only have one life per day — maybe even per week — or would players quickly lose interest?

Titanfall 2 demo drops you into multiplayer without any explanation whatsoever 👍

I really like Titanfall’s traversal but not so much the titans, so I guess I should play a recent Call of Duty instead?

Disclaimer: I’m not posting screenshots of No Man’s Sky because I enjoy the game, but posting them is the only thing remotely fun about it.

5 December

I guess I’m missing a lot if I stop playing Fallout 4 before ever meeting the Institute, huh?

I’m glad to have a reason to pick Lighthouse tracking over cameras but I was hoping to avoid HTC — and the Vive still isn’t on amazonꓸfr.

6 December

I just spent half an hour pattering around Meadow as a tiny badger because I forgot on PC you have to press Shift to run.

I don’t wanna say the way Meadow’s animation system handles turning while running ruins the game for me, but.

Played Shelter 2 again to compare and either Meadow’s animation/camera is screwed up or that’s just how it is when forced to play with kbm.

My video card came with Gears of War 4; it runs very well but all the camera shake still gives me a headache, like in the Xbox demo.

7 December


I completely missed that The Sims added custom gender options. Nice! (via [youtu.be]) https://t.co/Vju5Beh3G8

8 December

Does Steam really need an email confirmation and a 15-day hold period when I sell a couple cards whose market value hovers at ten cents?


Ce qui arrive quand tu prends le Planet Coaster-game beaucoup trop au sérieux :


Please tell me someone is working on a No Man’s Sky MMO where each player builds their own planet — topography, ecosystem, landmarks.

I like playing with the avatar creators of free-to-play MMOs (Riders of Icarus)

9 December

The level of detail in Hitman’s environments is incredible

Also I’m pretty happy with my GPU


I don’t care about Facebook’s summary of my year, but I’d love it if Steam did one: what I played, what my friends did, weird achievements.

10 December

I really enjoyed Spacechem until it lost me with the inability to debug each reactor independently from the others.

That’s a cute system for a director’s cut

Why did I originally play this game on my Mac’s shitty GPU

12 December

I was looking forward to playing the Forzas on my PC with a steering wheel; it didn’t occur to me that force feedback wouldn’t be good 😶

God damn it I do not want to want this but I want this

13 December

14 December


But yeah if your Medieval Fantasy game has potatoes, corn, tomatoes, chocolate, etc. and a stunning lack of people of color? It’s wrong.

15 December

When I last had a PC, CRTs were the norm. I just found out that everything doesn’t explode anymore when you pick a resolution too high 😮

I hadn’t driven a car in real life for quite a while and, not gonna lie, I’ve had to actively remind myself I wasn’t in a video game.

16 December

Iiiit’s Christmastime! (I was probably supposed to find Santa somewhere)

Pretty lights. I like lights. I want my room to look like this.

Damn, Watch Dogs 2 and Steep are already -33% on UPlay?! And FC:Primal for 20 €… but buying games outside of Steam is such a bother 😕

17 December

Even for free I couldn’t take Infinite Warfare’s campaign for more than thirty minutes.

Though I have yet to find a way to win — or enjoy myself, really — as the killer. (Four games, killed only one victim.)

18 December


I loved the first Assassin’s Creed HUD-less. One of my very best openworld experience.


The dissonance of a precise waypoint appearing on the map after a conversation that never specified a location always bothers me #lastRT

In the end, designing for a HUD-less mode makes the game feel so much more real, even for people who won’t play that way.

19 December

It’s a real shame that American Truck Simulator’s photo mode doesn’t do motion blur.

I’ve gotten my PSVR to work(ish) on PC and — even accounting for the hack — UX with SteamVR games is generally terrible, isn’t it?

I wish I didn’t have issues with the locomotion but the RE7 PSVR demo works great and… well, it works, and why would you want that.

I followed Resident Evil with Eagle Flight and oh boy this is the worst VR has made me feel. (Yet Eagle Flight was just fine last time.)

20 December

BattleBlock Theater’s narrator 💕

I didn’t even know American Truck Simulator had a weather system \o/

The good thing about World War III is I’ll finally be able to put my extensive minesweeping experience to good use #afewbillionsquaretiles

21 December

“Joy to the world!”

“It’s very hard to stick with a character in a game that just seems to be having no fun at all”

That’s why 3 is the only Far Cry I’ve enjoyed, for instance. It’s particularly important to open-world games you’re stuck in for 30+ hours.


All this nerd rage over the Tracer comic would make me want to give Blizzard all my money if I wasn’t already doing that.

22 December

Sniffing my computer’s exhausts because I’m not sure if a capacitor exploded or a compacted soda can expanded spontaneously in the trash.

It’s weird coming back to Europe and its tiny trucks and tiny roads.

23 December

I’m late to the party but Kerbal Space Program really needs to be in every school

25 December

I just bought Battlefront on PC because it’s 10€ and I wanna play STAR WAAAARS at/near Ultra, but I’m gonna hate myself if the X-Wing VR mission never comes out.

My computer naming scheme is “prominent female characters” and 1) so many good names left in scifi 2) holy shit I had never done Buffy yet.

26 December

Ooh, that Nier: Automata demo on PS4 is nice. Gravity Rush, not so much.

Finally playing Dirt Rally with a wheel, and I still feel like I’m all over the place but now that means arriving third rather than last.

You should not be able to publish on Steam a game that fails at something elementary like alt-tabbing back and forth.

27 December

I’ve been in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for about an hour and I’m about to break my controller over a horribly fussy instafail mission/tutorial.

I don’t remember reading in the reviews of Catalyst that the main missions were in fact much worse than the first Mirror’s Edge.

Weren’t there, like, all of two missions in the first game that forced you into combat?

Just saw a real-life 18-wheeler get stuck on a railing and start over so I feel better about all my American Truck Simulator screwups.

Finally! I can delete Pokémon Go again

28 December

$220K in a week, why can’t it work the same in real life?

30 December

See? Professional drivers fail at Euro Truck Simulator IRL all the time, too


Pokemon Go profit in one quarter for Nintendo = $115m.

Profit for Nintendo during 12 months of FY2016 = $150m (Before Pokemon Go)

31 December

Where the hell are you taking me, GPS?


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