Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

4 October 2016


REALLY impressive visuals on this first title for #GoogleDaydream. [pic.twitter.com]

5 October

PSVR reviews are coming out and Amazon tells me not to expect my headset for a whole month 😞

Such a shame that Sony designed the best VR headset in many ways but falters on tracking by clinging to a six-year-old technology just so it could advertise a camera-less SKU under $400 — when in fact almost nobody already owns the camera.


Promo Art Of Day: screenshot of original level editor for Core/Eidos’ Tomb Raider (PC, 1996): [mobygames.com] https://t.co/0JiCOoxhLu

6 October


Before Sunrise (1995)

Before Sunset (2004)

Before Midnight (2013)

Until Dawn (2015)

The keynote for Oculus’ developer conference actually feels like a developer conference instead of a sales pitch. That’s disconcerting.

10 October


One fun fact about Assassin’s Creed games: they use procedural generation to lay out the blocks of houses. Drawn like bezier paths on map

Maybe once everyone starts receiving their headsets I’ll be too jealous to keep reloading /r/PSVR so I’ll have time to work a little again.

Thumper on PSVR

Love seeing the view start to shake more and more as he gets into the music. Also, need.

There’s beginning to be way too many day-one games I want to play 💸💸💸

11 October


Could we just… stop… doing female-specific animation? This isn’t how women move. Definitely not women in armor. https://t.co/esTgF1Pjdh


Deus Ex Developers Confused By Mafia 3: “I Didn’t Realise You Could Use Race To Make A Political Statement” https://t.co/DMXjSRvJgt https://t.co/YsDldgyeCk

Would be nice if, instead of refunding a Steam game you don’t enjoy through no particular fault of its own, you could gift it to a friend.

13 October


14 October


PSVR’s cinema mode works with Xbox One, PC, Mac and Wii U - but there’s a big catch. Digital Foundry tests it out. https://t.co/02fuP10Z8H https://t.co/gGFfDvmPSz

Trying to resist the urge to download every single PSVR game while I wait for my package to be delivered.

Driveclub and Rez are no-brainers but the question is: Batman or Job Simulator or both?

On s’approche dangereusement du stade où la déception est mathématiquement inévitable

Thumper. Jesus fuckinh christ, guys. Thumper in VR. Mouth agape from beginning to end (successful first run, natch).

I’m saving Area X for another day and it’s supposed to be amazing, but so far Thumper unexpectedly outshines replaying Rez in VR.

Speaking of Thumper, the bass on the PSVR’s included earbuds is really good. Wonder how expensive Sony’s retail equivalent is.

15 October

Is there a schematic somewhere explaining why moving the PSVR forward doesn’t make the picture look smaller but only changes FoV? #optics

16 October

Chewing gum allowed me to play the Battlezone demo but Here They Lie is still impossible. Pity.

Limited as it is (and why is the included music so terrible?), Harmonix’s Easel is proof that Tilt Brush is VR’s killer app for me.

Disappointed that the lap times in Driveclub’s career haven’t been updated to be achievable with hardcore handling enabled.

Between the mess of pixels that is Driveclub and the lack of a proper Tilt Brush, I’m more impatient than ever to get a PC.

Rez’s Area 5 is the only one that really works for me in VR. Area X’s particle effects suffer too much from low res. Also, too swoopy. Ick.

18 October

Un moment de flottement quand je me retrouve face à l’hologramme taille réelle de Robin dans Arkham VR 😳

Not the most memorable game, but Wayward Sky is well worth experiencing for the way it plays with scale.

And anyone who complains about Arkham VR’s length is “part of the problem.” So beautiful, so well made, a master class in narrative gaming in VR.

I’ve been having tracking issues all day and now that I’ve taken the headset off it feels weird that the real world isn’t floating about.


Open-world games are elaborate model train sets for the digital age.

TIL you can’t use your PC account in the Xbox version of Elite, so I’m not impatient for a PSVR port anymore. I am not starting over.

The one thing I didn’t anticipate is how quickly, and how strongly, having access to VR makes me impatient to get better VR.

I really hope it’s because PSVR is flawed and its experiences shallow, rather than me just being old and perpetually dissatisfied.

19 October


Being a VR early adopter can be… weird [pic.twitter.com]

20 October

No touchscreen? That thing better be cheap. Anyway, good name, good concept, and the removable controllers would be too fiddly for the public if they weren’t backed by Nintendo’s brand power.


Le trailer de la switch, une vision dark de la vie d’adulte où tu essayes de jouer quand tu peux mais y’a toujours un truc pour te déranger.

21 October

Okay, the controllers and an audience willing to pay $60 for a game.

26 October

I powered through tracking issues on my last PSVR sessions because I was just mildly uncomfortable, but it’s killed any urge to play again.

I knew to stop at the first hint of nausea, but it never got anywhere near that.

That damn wetware is so fiddly.

Did they really announce $300 VR headsets (sans positional tracking I assume) in ten seconds and move on?

Note that Microsoft already has ready-to-use inside-out positional tracking algorithms, with HoloLens.


Android/iOS Pinball fans, grab PinOut when it shows up tomorrow: [youtube.com] • Gorgeous endless pinball from the future.

28 October


I’d be happy if the only VR component added onto most non-VR games was the ability to walk around the game environment.

29 October

I love that Playroom VR’s social screen is a separately rendered visual and I’ll never tire of seeing VR avatars wearing goggles.

Like those Twitch streams of Job Simulator with a virtual camera view — YOU DOWNLOADED YOURSELF INTO THE GAME, MAN!

The UI is a pain but Star Trek Online’s design-an-alien is neat #PS4share

30 October

I hadn’t even launched the Headmaster demo because ugh sports, but it’s really fun. And it’s almost a horror games at times.

31 October

Tried getting back to Bloodborne; I have no idea how anything works anymore.


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