Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

1 September 2016

How much less obnoxious would Pokémon Go be if it considered you in range of the closest pokéstop, no matter how far it is?

2 September


The new game by the creators of STASIS is called Beautiful Desolation and looks rad: [youtube.com]

6 September

I deleted the Battlefield beta yesterday thinking it was already over, and I just realized I haven’t ridden a horse.

7 September

Been waiting for new events all summer and now considering skipping them because what am I donna do, not buy it? Ha!

I can’t believe how poorly Sony managed to sell the PS4 Pro. That presentation should never have been streamed.

They’re updating games as old as Shadow of Mordor for the PS4 Pro? o_O
I assume Sony has to be paying for it.


Considering most 3rd-party E3 demos are shown on high-end PCs already, there’s not much they can show to visually impress us on PS4 Pro.

Ooh, HDR coming to existing PS4s by firmware update is much more exciting (since I’m nearsighted and 4K’s useless to me).

Mass Effect: Andromeda 4K gameplay on PS4 Pro

4K is pretty, but the game…? Looked and sounded as a Halo 5 cutscene, and it was just as interactive and interesting.

9 September

Briefly checking out GTA Online again, no idea what’s going on at any point. Rather impatient to play Watch Dogs 2 instead.


Universe Sandbox 2 is excellent. Here’s what would happen if Earth had a hundred moons. [pic.twitter.com]

10 September


#Battlefield1 Beta has been out for 8 days without anyone realizing how destructible the environment actually is…. [pic.twitter.com]

11 September

I had successfully forgotten how fun Overwatch can be. When you’re not booted out of the game because too many players quit.

So let’s focus on that negative rather than buy the game, because I don’t need a time sink right now.

YEEEEEES! My first 7-day streak, and I really thought I wasn’t gonna be able to finish this particular puzzle 😅

That’s how bad everyone was during that game

Overwatch’s pre-game with everyone jumping and running around the base like overexcited children always makes me want to quit the game.

13 September

I was having a crisis of faith re: getting a PSVR before a PC — and then I remembered Rez was coming.

Oh hey I forgot how much I hate the Xbox’s UI.

Clearly if I ever have to drive in Australia or the UK I will promptly die.

Fuck, Forza Horizon costs 15 € more online than on Amazon… but if I end up buying a PC+wheel the Xbox disc won’t work with it.

14 September



Makes the most powerful mobile games console on the planet.

Runs a store where only F2P 2D puzzle games can make any money.

15 September


In my Game Time w/ @burnie, I mentioned that design inspiration can come from anywhere, this is exactly what I mean. [pic.twitter.com]

16 September

I’m finding For Honor completely amazing (in 4v4, mostly) but I’ve never played, say, Chivalry, so what do I know.

Two things Overwatch gets right that For Honor mysterioulsy chooses not to: your allies are always the same color, and you can change heroes at respawn.

Didn’t expect to have so much fun in this game #PS4share

For a game where your gear levels up, customization is so much better than The Division’s

17 September

Metal Gear Survive gameplay video

I don’t really enjoy wave-based survival modes, but this looks more than decent.

18 September

The Forza Horizon 3 demo was full of diverse cars at launch, but now all the drivatars are driving the same blue BMW we’re all locked to 😄

Almost lost my streak on a stupid mistake — I was so close to giving up

19 September

Gave in and preordered the PSVR headset. Wanted to wait in case they released a complete bundle, but I’ll look for secondhand Moves instead.

It doesn’t look like I’ll get a PC+Rift in the next couple of months, so I couldn’t possibly risk missing PSVR’s release.

20 September

I like to think the odds are pretty good that SteamVR will be compatible with Playstation VR headset and controllers by the time I get a PC.

“Rez Infinite: Area X reveal trailer”

I guess the music isn’t as bad as Child of Eden’s and I’ll get used to it.

love Rez but, judging by the tone of everyone’s previews, there must have been MDMA in the water at the hands-on event.

22 September

Went to a PSVR showcase and somehow chose all of the worst demos. Except for Driveclub — Driveclub on a wheel is awesome.

I need a wheel.

The Tomb Raider PSVR experience is uninteresting and looks like shit because they’re going for photorealism without the power to achieve it.

The VR mode in Bound is definitely pretty but having to keep teleporting manually in addition to controlling the character is too much of a pain in the ass.

And Rush of Blood is very good at what it does but oh my god demoing a rollercoaster to VR virgins are you fucking mad?

I don’t think it made me queasy (unlike Rush of Blood) but the lack of G-forces when you hit the brakes hard in Driveclub is extremely weird. Wheeeee! Suddenly you’re in zero-G!

La démo Playstation VR est à l’angle de la rue des Archives et il y en a pour tous les goûts, si vous n’y allez pas vous êtes de gros nazes.

Didn’t seem possible to disable traction control in Driveclub VR; looks like they want to make sure you won’t do donuts until you throw up.

I don’t give a fuck about the iPhone 7 anymore.

Got a few days to see if I cancel my Forza Horizon preorder. Feels silly to waste time on my 20-inch screen just before I get Driveclub VR.

23 September


Some of the comments on Palmer Luckey’s now-deleted Reddit account are quite, quite extraordinary. Amazing how fast money can strip empathy.

27 September

Forza Horizon won’t be here until tomorrow and I need to take my mind off PSVR and maybe I should have bought it online even at 20€ more.

Left the Xbox on to install the game and do its thing while I worked. It turned itself off because I was idle and now appears to be stuck 🙄

I deleted the game to start over and now installation is stalling at 4%. If my Forzabox is dying just before its last hurrah I’m gonna be 😡

Finally found the one place in the Xbox dashboard where the installation progress counter isn’t stuck at 0%, so I guess I’m fine.

“30% installed, but you can start playing right away!”

starts the game

“Forza Horizon 3 needs an update”

I hate this console so much.

28 September

Everyone said Forza Horizon 3 was the best car game ever so of course I’m finding the tone and structure less enjoyable than Horizon 2.

Obviously it doesn’t help that I got a taste of Driveclub VR last week, but I don’t think that’s the whole reason.

29 September


Pour fêter l’indépendance créative conservée d’Ubisoft, voici son tout nouveau jeu : [youtube.com]

30 September

I don’t understand the point of Forza Horizon 3’s convoys, except for making most cars spawn in the same class as yours, which looks as silly as in an old GTA.


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