30 mar. 2012

My iPad's battery hadn't gotten such a regular workout in a long time #drawsomething


Let's have a petition for Zynga to use its blood money to license the drawing engine from Paper by FiftyThree into Draw Something.


28 mar.

When you're tempted to pick a one-coin word because you've already drawn the other two successfully. #drawsomething


Choose a word, start drawing… NOPE. Home screen, kill application. #drawsomething


Not sure why I bothered drawing Hong Kong, it's impossible not to guess from the letters alone. #drawsomething


Le jour où Draw Something permet de tweeter ses dessins, vous avez intérêt à avoir un client Twitter qui permet d'ignorer certains tags.


26 mar.

Ok, Draw Something est probablement le jeu le plus drôle du monde quand la personne en face bute sur l'orthographe d'un mot.


23 mar.

Who puts CDs in their stereos anymore? There's no excuse for a videogame soundtrack to be limited to 70 minutes nowadays.


21 mar.

Draw Something is such a perfect fit for Zynga: it's not a game. The best way for both players to win is to cheat together.


20 mar.

Quelqu'un peut m'expliquer Draw Something ? Parce que le concept du Pictionary à un contre un, ça me paraît suprêmement absurde.


19 mar.

It's slowly sinking in tonight that I'll never ever chat with Garrus or Liara again. Sniff. Could use a hug.


18 mar.

The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3, the making-of on iPad, confirms they had no clue how to end their story until the last minute. Amateurish.


Mass Effect 3 ending videos

So you can fuck up and have a really bad ending. But they're all way too similar indeed.


The problem with the ending may well be that it's a sci-fi geek's ending, while Bioware did all they could to make the franchise mainstream.


And I'm glad we're back to Faunts for the end credits.


But overall it was somewhat fitting and, dare I say, a satisfying end to the trilogy. No, really.


I'm not quite sure what I chose in the Mass Effect 3 ending — made a poor job of conveying the meaning, I felt.


16 mar.

I can't believe Mass Effect 3 has Tron-looking puzzle levels. Was there a particularly popular keynote about them at GDC two years ago?


So far, really enjoying Mass Effect 3. Only disappointed by how much my Shepard speaks without giving me a chance to alter his tone.


14 mar.

Agonizing over the Liara flirt lines, every time. But I just can't bring myself to select them. We've grown apart, haven't we.


The switch from Gears of War encounters to Team Fortress in single-player Mass Effect is a bit jarring, but not really in a negative way.


I only want to romance Freddie Prinze Jr., or maybe the Asari dancing behind the bar at Purgatory. Doesn't look like either is an option.


13 mar.

And here is Shepard, witnessing entire worlds being annihilated while whining "But Earth! Earth is the most important!"



Sure, it helps that they're depicting the final conflict, but still, they've made great strides in the fucking-whoa department.


So far, I'd say the Turian homeworld's environment is several orders of magnitude better than anything from the previous two Mass Effects.


Wow. At least they've finally made the locations feel really epic this time. #masseffect3


11 mar.

Watching ME2:Arrival on YouTube in preparation for ME3. I'm so glad I didn't buy it, and sorrier yet I ever played any Mass Effect at all.


9 mar.

Comment ça, ça sert à rien de rafraîchir la page de suivi Colissimo toutes les dix minutes à quatre heures du matin ?


8 mar.

I Am Alive has a bunch of interesting ideas, but it's damn annoying to play. Stamina was handled much better in Shadow of the Colossus.


I was this close to buying Warp, then I got to the part where you must run away and the enemy's way too fast. Screw that.


The Binary Domain demo plays a lot better than I expected. Filing this under "when it's in the bargain bin" (which should be soon enough).


In Saints Row 3, I never feel like I'm in a real city. Not sure if it's the city's fault or just because you get everything from the start.


7 mar.

ME3 War Assets

Not canceling my order because I "need" to see the end, but it's probably the last Bioware game I ever buy. Too much user-hostile crap.


6 mar.

Même avec le port, ça me coûte 5 € de moins de commander Mass Effect sur amazon.co.uk que la VF en France. Cherchez l'erreur.


So… Mass Effect 3 comes out today in the U.S., I guess it's time to unplug the internet until I get it.


2 mar.

Must say, if the game actually had you climbing trees, it could well be awesome.


Assassin's Creed III Screenshots

I thought I was kidding when I said I looked forward to killing bears and cougars.


1 mar.

I intended to have completed a lot more work before Mass Effect 3 came out.



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