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1 December 2008

All versions of GTA IV PC to tote SecuROM

When I wrote about the advantages of GTA IV’s PC conversion, I forgot one point — which I always forget, because I don’t have a gaming PC: DRM.

Turns out that even the version you can download from Steam will include the same copy protection as the DVD; I thought the best advantage of Steam was precisely that you avoided ruining your pristine Windows setup (yeah, oxymoron) with that kind of crap?

Rockstar spilled the beans to IGN, where it detailed the particular SecuROM installation and rationalization behind it. Grand Theft Auto IV will have no installation limits and can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs, but it will still have to phone home and it obviously requires installation of the SecuROM software.

Actually, I don’t quite get the point of putting DRM on your product if it’s not going to limit the number of installations. I read in another article that the main purpose was to prevent people from trading the game on BitTorrent before its official release but (a) recent games have been leaked regardless of protection, and (b) that’s absolutely not worth the inconvenience users will have to face for years to come.

There are still people playing cops and robbers online in GTA III; wonder how well those original GTA IV DVDs will fare seven years down the line.

2 December

Uncharted 2 Announced

From the Game Informer story, the new game adds a free climbing mechanic and stealth gameplay to the existing run-and-gun exploration style of the original. […] Along with the note from GI that the new story revolves around the voyages of Marco Polo it’s a relatively safe bet that he’s somewhere in Tibet.

Free climbing and stealth, eh? So the question is, will it be clunky and poorly integrated, or will it finally become the mostest ultimate Indiana Jones game?

At least, the teaser’s dominating color isn’t green.

4 December

Mirror’s Edge DLC

It’s not cheap for just time trial runs, but the visuals are so awesome I’d buy the maps just to look at them if I had the game.

11 December

PlayStation Home : Red Bull

That’s interesting: if there are vehicles in Home, that could change a lot of things. What was fun about the There world was that you could take out a buggy, hoverboard or lag-tastic hoverboat anywhere, and drive or fly all over the place. Of course, Home is going to be far less free about where you can actually use vehicles, but the fact that the mechanics are actually in the code takes it that much closer to actually being a little bit of a game — now all they need is to create great tracts of land where you can have fun… without having to associate commercial sponsors with everything. (Yeah, fat chance.)

That, and dogs. The dogs in There were cool.

How To Identify An Xbox 360 Jasper

I’m not sure if it applies to French console, but I can’t quite see why not: the new Jasper consoles are identifiable by the fact that they use 12 amperes instead of 14 (which makes sense if they’re going to fail less often: the less current they use, the less heat they produce), and you can check that through the hole that presents the console’s barcode.

Which means that you should seriously avoid buying an Xbox 360 today without checking for a “12 A” on the technical specs. But then, it’s Christmas, maybe you can’t wait, and I still say the 360 is the best console you can offer someone (or yourself) who has a high-definition TV.

15 December

VGA Trailers

A whole bunch of new trailers for the Video Games Awards — unfortunately formatted for TV: one minute each, and little to no real information contained.

God of War 3 (the most expected, obviously): the camera looks more dynamic, and I wonder if that’s because most of the video shows QTE sequences or the third game abandons the fixed camera and gets its inspiration from Prince of Persia. I figured the transition to PS3 should preserve God of War’s perfect gameplay and knock you out on the visual side, but it looks like they’re doing the opposite: the graphics are okay, but nothing to write home about.

Uncharted 2: bah… it’s a sequel. With no gameplay at all. And Drake’s face has never looked so unrealistic.

Watchmen: it’s an interesting idea to have the game taking place in the 70’s, before superheroes disappeared, but it can also give the most generic action game ever. It will all depend on the story, and I’m not expecting that much for a game tied to a movie adapted from a comic book — for starters, the way they use the Unreal Engine is anything but original.

Terminator Salvation: I wouldn’t want to be seen hoping again that a movie-based game could be good, but the violent, merciless confrontation of Skynet versus the human resistance would be a good setting for an utterly mundane, perfectly competent shooter (which I’m saying as a good thing). Particularly when it’s coming from the same studio as GRAW and the new Bionic Commando.

Brütal Legend: I don’t care for Jack Black, and have never really played a Tim Schafer game (my loss, I know), so I’m not going to be part of the general buzz around this game. We’ll see.

GTA IV The Lost and the Damned: the story and missions of GTA IV weren’t exactly its strong points, and I’m even less interested in bikers than I was in gangsters, so… I’d just like them to talk about what the DLC will bring to multiplayer, because that’s the only thing that will make me decide to buy it.



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