Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

3 June


You could use an iPhone to capture an actor’s facial performance, and now you can do motion capture too, straight from system APIs 🙌

5 June

When I installed the new macOS beta it gave me a warning that Steam was 32-bit and wouldn’t run anymore. I re-downloaded it, now it’s 64-bit and… the interface is a lot more responsive.

Has Steam’s auto-update neglected to give me the faster 64-bit version for a whole year?

6 June


Stadia’s positioning seems to be a confused mess of nonsense. Every strength it has is undermined by some equally absurd restriction or caveat, and it seems to have no idea who its audience is.

7 June

Surprise: Journey is still an beautiful game. Great sense of loss when the helpful anonymous player sat down and disappeared. And I guess the devs have turned the sand physics to 11, so there’ll be room for the game to be even more impressive when I get an RTX  2080?

8 June


Ubisoft: We refuse to achnowledge that our games have have political or moral themes

Also Ubisoft: We want players to explore all angles of these (nonexistent) themes

Obvs, no industry spokesperson has ever understood the word “mature”, so 🤷‍♂️ [twitter.com]

Not that I care, really, but Respawn can’t have produced a game as boring and bland as the Fallen Order gameplay reveal looks?

As far as I’m concerned the only acceptable lightsaber game would let you destroy the entire environment with accurate physics, instead of adding neon lights to sword combat. But I guess that wouldn’t sell more than (or maybe even as much as) Fallen Order or the Battlefronts.

9 June

I’d never have bought it but I find myself quite surprised to discover that I like Everything a lot.

Feels like a bit of waste to play it without LSD, though.

With a new Ghostbusters movie in production, I hope you all don’t need me to tell you what a perfect IP that is for a Pokémon Go type of game?

Don’t ruin it.

10 June


If you’re catching up with E3 stuff, this site is good for getting you straight to the trailers: [2019.e3recap.com] .


doodle-place automatically animates your doodle and places it in an explorable 3D world of user doodles! check it out: [doodle-place.glitch.me]. made for @golan’s Interactive Art class


Ubisoft 2014: Women are too hard to animate

Ubisoft 2019: We fully motion captured a grandma kicking ass

#E3 #WatchDogsLegion

11 June

I’d actually never noticed how similar “Vive” is to “Valve” until Valve started competing with Vive and I had to tell them apart when scanning my news feeds.

12 June

I’ve always been put off by the artificiality of turn-by-turn combat, but the Superhot conceit might just redeem tactics games for me.

I have less than zero interest in John Wick, so I won’t play that particular game, but I look forward to playing games inspired by it 😬

People seem to think Oculus wants to sell devices, or at least apps, but Facebook cares about one thing only: to lock as many eyeballs into their ecosystem as they can. Officially allowing users to stream Steam games on the Quest would do the opposite of that.

13 June


Horror Tip: A horrible monster isn’t scary unless it represents a horrifying idea. The monster only works as an ambassador of a bigger conceptual terror - tip of the iceberg. Make sure there’s more beneath the surface.

OMG I’d missed the announcement that Falcon Age is coming to PC VR

15 June


I had never heard of this kind of games: a story narrated on cassette tapes, which you paused when the hero had a problem. You discussed solutions, decided on one, then resumed the audio story, which considered the problem solved- without acknowledging how, of course. #NarraScope

16 June

When I played the alpha of Outer Wilds all those years ago it was so janky I gave up before even making it off the planet. That did not prepare me for how great the finished game is.

I don’t remember another game ever conveying so well the excitement and immensity of space exploration. (Which is ironic considering the size of this particular star system.) Or simply made me so nervous at the thought of first taking off.

17 June


The digital version of ZACH-LIKE is now available for free on Steam!

In addition to the full contents of the book, it contains all of our pre-SpaceChem games and a bunch of weird prototypes and early builds wrapped up in a slick launcher.


19 June

Outer Wilds (PC) — 10/10

Still emotional over finishing Outer Wilds last night. Might end up being my favorite science-fiction game ever: not only beautiful world-building, but such a perfect harmony between the game mechanics (which are great in their own right) and the story and themes.

My only regret is that I got a few minor spoilers because I needed to google my way forward a couple times, which wouldn’t have happened if the game had an optional hint system. (Instead of the ship’s computer occasionally explaining things you had seen but not understood yet.)

I mean, my true only regret is that I can’t erase my memory of the game and rediscover this universe again.

Also, I won’t be able to play another exploration game for a while. (Sorry, Heaven’s Vault.)

I’m watching gameplay videos of the alpha and it’s funny that NPC dialogue, my main complaint about Outer Wilds as it was just interactive and reactive enough to leave me wanting for much more, seems to be the only part of the game that wasn’t already in the alpha.



Segway Drift W1 + #RoboMasterS1


Before VR: USB is the best - everything should be USB!

After VR: USB is literal trash. Actual garbage. My nightmares consist of USB reconnect sounds. I can’t trust cables for anything ever again

The perfect confluence of “I want to make actual physical things with my real-life hands, and possibly even cosplay” and “Outer Wilds is one of the best games ever” has me looking up how to extract 3D assets from a Unity game.

20 June

I went to say my final goodbye to Solanum, but she didn’t understand and kept gesturing at the wall 😢

21 June

I’m always amazed by how poorly Pokémon Go informs players of special events. You get a link to a blog post a few days before, and then… nothing. Not even a small banner to say “the egg-hatching distance bonus is active now!”

And even the Twitter account isn’t much better.


3D printed steering wheel modification for a controller

25 June


As of iOS 13/iPadOS, you can once again add Game Center friends.

26 June


Note: We also changed the original Journey design from massively-multiplayer to 4 and then eventually 2 based on player feedback. Turns out it was easier to engineer caring for one other person at a time than many at once. Kind of like real life relationships :) [twitter.com]

27 June


Flappy Royale is a 100-player Flappy-Bird inspired battle royale game now in open beta on iOS & Android!

Made by @lazerwalker and I, with help from @helvetica.

Compete in daily leaderboards, customize the heck out of your bird, and crash buses.



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