Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

1 November 2017

2 November


This year is actually full of “it’s-been-a-decade.” Assassins’s Creed. Rock Band. Mass Effect. Bioshock. Portal. The Witcher. Crysis. TF2.


I guess what I’m saying is 2007 was a heck of a year for new releases and I don’t know if we’ve seen anything like it since.

4 November


This week’s Giza pyramid discovery was already built into Assassin’s Creed Origins: [bit.ly]

5 November


It’s incredible how Ubisoft can expend so much talent building a world for a game so unbelievably average in just about every other regard

6 November

You’d think orbiting a vehicle would be simple enough but, no, the camera is still an obnoxious mess in Spintires: Mudrunner.

“Yay, a cockpit view.” It’s barebones and buggy and the mirrors don’t work — in a truck simulator. Keeping an eye on the refund clock.

7 November

Barf — and the UI, as good as it is, clearly reaches its limits when you have to control a dozen workers at a time

9 November

10 November

I’d say Lone Echo is twice as long as its limited gameplay warrants, but what a great, polished VR experience. Not the slightest motion sickness, and the realism of those hand animations does so much for immersion.

As a side note — as great as your game is, as proud as you can be of your work, do NOT trap me in a VR headset with a long, unskippable (unless you quit) credit sequence.


I always feel like it’s a good idea, as an indie, to swim towards X when AAA declares X dead or stupid business-wise.

- if they’re mostly right, that’s ok, I need far fewer customers.

- if they’re mostly wrong, that’s very ok, I’ll do well til they realise.

11 November

It might have been a better idea not to include the single-player “story mode” in For Honor’s free weekend 💤

I got Scandinavia when it was on sale and it looks great

Of course I would only find out right after finishing Opus Magnum that you can rotate several parts together by pressing A or D while dragging them.

13 November


There’s a story about Team America where the first cut submitted for a rating had a 10-minute graphic puppet sex scene, reason being they knew it would get an X rating but if they then cut it to a reasonable length and resubmitted it would probably get an R.


Whether consciously or not, EA just did that with Battlefront. Everyone rejected the original system, they went “Cool, it’s now an arbitrary 75% better,” and I’m already seeing people say the core issue is “fixed.”

16 November


Ok hear me out: an LA Noire/Blade Runner game except you’re an exorcist identifying demons by finding signs & tells in dialogue, and then you have to expel them from their hosts in unique ways across different cases.

Someone make that. I will buy it day one.


This thread on lootboxes is pretty much 100% spot-on. [twitter.com]

17 November

Nice, for VR games Humble gives the choice between Steam or Oculus keys. (Keep Talking… is 4€, might as well get it even if I never have the opportunity to play.)


This is pure speculation but I bet an angry phone call from Disney is ultimately what prompted this more than anything else [twitter.com]



For the next six months, I’ll be visualizing my REM dreams every morning in #VR with #TiltBrush to analyze, expand, and unify them into a singular VR experience. This is a preview of one that I built in 3 days.

Watch in 4k: [youtu.be]

Banished is almost more of an idle game than a city builder but I just spent three hours in it and it is nicely zen (except when I feel bad for killing so many trees in order to build my silly little town)

18 November

On the one hand, this kind of comment. On the other, the Playstation blog helpfully reminding me why I just can’t.

20 November

Coco VR is… pretty

Interactions are limited and pretty rough, but it’s a nice taste of what’s to come when the VR audience is really large enough to be worth the investment.

I tried the new “fixed human scale” mode again and, as much as I love Google Earth VR, it still doesn’t do it for me — at all. I don’t know if I need more pixels or I’ve just never dreamed of being Superman. As opposed to holding New York in the palm of my hand 😀

Among my top 10 games of all time, Mass Effect is still the one that was most tailor-made for me. Ambitious sci-fi world-building, interesting characters, accessible combat, that ‘70s/‘80s aesthetic. I still sometimes have chills listening to M4 (Part II).

Then Mass Effect 2 came and went and—we don’t talk about Mass Effect 3. But that first game’s ambition was so beautiful.


And for some reason this is all you, the person at home’s fault. You demanded bigger and better games! You demanded higher-res textures and 4K and more power! You demanded non-stop sale prices!

Did you, though?

21 November


Today in tech doing that whole “this is not what you’re supposed to aspire to” thing again.

22 November


Opus Magnum has been updated with a new mini-campaign exploring “production alchemy”, which takes place in the confined spaces of production-grade transmutation engines! More details here: [steamcommunity.com]


Pleased to see that a developer can find success with a modest team size and budget! [twitter.com]

I’m just trying to live my life and here comes Steam with another sale.

23 November

Steam sales mean playing the opening of a game only to remember I’d already gone through it when it was a demo on Xbox, and hated it, and still hate it.

I wouldn’t naturally enjoy optimizing for size but Opus Magnum’s new puzzles are aggressively exploiting my fetish for 120-degree angles.

But this is just discouragingly embarrassing

OMFG you can move the teleport outlets 🤦🏻‍♂️


My experiences in lightmapping with unity.

No regrets buying Arkham VR again — it was already impressive on PSVR, but the visual upgrade on PC is like night and day. A lot of background detail was lost to the PS4’s limitations.

24 November


This is fun (and unsettling)… nice use of WebGL!


by @daviddotli @krighxz

25 November


On the fence about buying ANOTHER copy of Skyrim? So was @IanHigton until #SkyrimVR blew his tiny little mind. Check out his video which features amazing scenes like this one: [youtube.com]

I thought Prey would open up once I got alien powers but… they’re boring? Except mimic matter, which depletes mana way too fast to be fun.

I keep being surprised (and disappointed) by how little Prey really has in common with Dishonored. Not sure if marketing or my brain’s fault — but I remember a strong emphasis on mimic matter, with the implication that you’d do a whole bunch of other wacky things?

I feel like the game would be truer to what it is (not Dishonored in space, not a fun power trip, maybe just not a game for me) if there were no alien powers at all.

Talos scientist: We think Mimics can wait hidden for centuries without noticing the passage of time.

Prey’s UI:

“VR Needs Fewer Jumping Spiders And More Respect For Its Players”

I don’t remember its name, but I played the demo for an escape room game that had a large spider scurry away after you touched a book on a shelf. Fuck. Off.

I fully expected to be disappointed because nothing good can follow “It’s like Dark Souls” but Dead Cells nails the feel of combat.

26 November

27 November


Amazon launches Sumerian, a browser-based tool for building AR, VR experiences [wp.me] by @belril

30 November

According to Steam I’ve played Dead Cells for ten hours (give or take a few biobreaks). I don’t think I’ve ever played any permadeath game for that long.

For someone who doesn’t do much social VR because it’s full of people, the AI avatar’s movement in Eleven: Table Tennis is pretty unnerving. I mean that as a compliment.

“Okay I better put on the controller’s strap before I break something.”

tries to grasp the top of the paddle with his off-hand

I just balanced a virtual ping-pong ball on my virtual paddle and it was one of the most realistic VR experiences ever. (With an Oculus Touch.) Take that, 1-2 Switch 😅


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