Once upon a time I made a blog about video games. And this is what's left of it (mostly tweets).

1 October 2017

Getting even worse lag on the PC version of Fortnite, and I’m afraid that means my connection would be just as bad in PUBG.

I played a short game and I have a headache from the stutter. No wonder I have trouble with VR.

2 October

Started looking for videos of hostile Thargoid encounters and immediately felt the pull of the cockpit view and that music and oh hell no I’m not falling for that again — closed the window.

Though to be honest I haven’t even had the courage to give Elite in VR a fair shake yet. (I’m gonna need to spend an hour first programming the Steam controller, since default pad controls are terrible. I’m dorky enough to own a wheel but don’t have room or budget for a HOTAS.)

3 October


Amazing thread on the game design of Breath of the Wild. [twitter.com]

4 October

5 October


Gameplay prototype for DmC based on the art direction (crumbling, floating architecture) Tried to incorperate this into gameplay #Blocktober

Fran Bow, which is otherwise a point-and-click, has a maze sequence with what appears to be a skip button 👍👍👍

7 October


Protanopia: Digital comic by Andre Bergs features animated frames which can change viewing angle by tilting device [prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com]

9 October

Fran Bow is incredible. Beautiful, well written, horrifying, chillingly dark yet always sincere. I don’t wanna spoil, just buy it blind.

I’ve discovered this year some fantastic indie point-and-clicks. All I’d ever really known was the obnoxious frustration of LucasArts games.

11 October


The Midsummer Station #magicavoxel @ephtracy

Interesting that the new Oculus controllers switch to trackpads. I always thought Touch’s joysticks were an asset compared to Vive.

The new Oculus Dash and Home look excellent. Can’t wait.

Didn’t know, and kind of amazed, that Gear VR includes streaming. Rendering VR plus encoding video plus uploading it. In a phone.

Facebook offers a billion dollars for your company. The cash enables you to flood the world with your product, but Zuckerberg and other Facebook people and products will take up half the air time of every future keynote. Tough choice.

I refuse to believe that Medium and Quill artists live in a world where anyone cares what dregs are published on their Facebook feed.

Uh oh, Sansar et al. are spending a lot of time and money trying to build a metaverse while Disney can whip out its own full-fledged social app for Coco instead of building a level in someone else’s world.

There may not be so much of a value-add to a Second Life-style universe in VR, when game engines and platform frameworks provide everything a developer needs to quickly make a social app.

12 October

Every single time I update my drivers I think, fuck you Nvidia for the ads and storefront.

That can’t be good for the brand.

I shouldn’t have posted that before the update was over. It failed, of course, and I’m now in 640×480.

The Fidelio Incident sure is pretty

Did a bit of spring cleaning in my Steam backlog; I really need to stop buying crap just because it’s on sale and somehow has okay reviews.

After playing Scanner Sombre in VR — and that being one of my best VR experiences — it feels so wrong to play a walking sim on flat screen.

Gave up on Valley much faster than I did The Fidelio Incident (even though it’s also very pretty, and the forest sprites are cute)

13 October

Found out last night there was a Gran Turismo Sport demo. Got an error when I tried to download it; learned today it was time-limited.

14 October

Paperclips is pretty clever (though its supply-and-demand math mystifies me) but it’s absolutely obnoxious as an “idle game” that never gives your brain a rest.

16 October

17 October

Microsoft: We need something on the VR store.

343: Uh, but we’ve neve—



The most important and telling line in EA’s cancellation of their Uncharted-inspired Star Wars game is this. They want a Destiny.


Seriously, there’s room for what 2, maybe 3, service based open world action games? It’s like the fucking MMO “gold rush” all over again.


Every linear single player game from a published studio that comes out over the next 2-3 years is a miracle. Support them if you like them.

22 October

Life-defining choice: do you spend the night optimizing the very first puzzle with leaderboards, or just move on.

23 October


#museum #modernart #concept #voxel #voxelart #magicavoxel

I like Sigmar’s Garden (much more than I did Shenzhen Solitaire), which makes these optional goals torture.

As slow as this is, it feels much more civilized. And still, some players manage to produce slower solutions — how?

26 October

I feel like the last five Assassin’s Creeds have all been reviewed as “the one that’s beginning to get better again.” Fool me twelve times…

It’s a pity Ubisoft wasted Egypt on a Division clone. It would make a great setting for after they’ve digested Breath of the Wild’s lessons.

Ugh. Children. Why did it have to be children!


I want to run around historical cities, in weird “What if?” scenarios, and beat like ten dudes in a fight because it looks cool. #ACOrigins

27 October

“25 items from your Steam wishlist are on sale!” Oh hell no.


On n’est pas bien là, en pleine esbrouffe à la française ?


It’s becoming a cliche at this point, behind every troubled EA game is: “We had to add a lot of systems that Frostbite didn’t support.”

28 October

Started the Tormet:ToN free weekend last night and maybe 2am wasn’t the right time for it but oh my god I did not enjoy the prose.

29 October

Ten minutes of Obduction made me reconsider my wish for The Witness in VR. Moving around large areas is a lot more frustrating than in flat.

Google Earth VR has added a human-scale mode (removing the diorama effect) and without the parallax it’s like looking at a low-res photo 😨

I had never really thought about the fact that this diorama effect was a deliberate choice — and boy was there a reason for it.

30 October

Hey, that’s kind of a lot of PSVR games being announced. Okay, they weren’t considered worthy of the main event, but still.

Even if Oure’s trailer gives a bit too much of a Journey-knockoff vibe, I’m totally up for playing as a Chinese dragon.

I’m curious to see how interactive Concrete Genie manages to really be, but you can probably count me as a sale.

As great as Far Cry 5 looks, as fun as full co-op must be, I don’t think I can give them money if their PR sticks to “we’re totes not trying to be political.”


Ubisoft confirms that Far Cry 5 is a Ubisoft game


This year on the David Cage Emotional Manipulation Hour: Same Dirty House, Different Bullshit Premise!

I think this is the first Sony event I’ve seen where the director bothered to switch between trailer and stage cam at the right moments.


A remaster of Shadow of the Colossus every two or three years to make it keep up with the way you remember it.


Seriously can we fuck off with using abuse as a shortcut for selling how bleak a game is in marketing material.


“Pas de meilleur moment pour être un gamer ! Et pour terminer le show, voici une scène de pendaison et de torture.” Bon.


It’s not needed. Games can cover this stuff but doing it out of context for shock value does a disservice to victims and the game.


Not sure having a woman being held down while a man breaks her arm with a hammer is the first impression I’d want people to have of my game.

31 October


Talking to people your age who have their lives figured out


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