11 June 2014

Watch Dogs (PS4)

Quite hard to decide on a rating for this game — it gets so much right, and so much wrong. In the end the gameplay mechanics (mostly good, if you ignore the driving) are more important than the writing (terrible all around) — but there were so many times when I wanted to strangle this game with my bare hands.

Kotaku has a really good review, in which I agree with every point except for the final assessment: Should you play this game? Yes. But probably not buy it at full list price.

Do I have high hopes for the inevitable sequel? If it is a direct sequel, no — but if a semi-reboot forgot all about this game’s characters and was directed by a different team, maybe. (Does anyone direct Ubisoft’s big games anymore? now that their development is always parallel-processed by thirty different studios all over the world, and they all follow the same template anyway.)

Watch Dogs was pretty much the game that motivated me to buy a PS4 this spring. Well. Oops, I guess.